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Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Yoshihiro Togashi

"Yo. Looks like I found my way back from hell."
~Urameshi Yuusuke


  • Yuu Yuu Hakusho, known in the US as the Poltergeist Report, is the story of 14-year Urameshi Yuusuke. At the beginning of the story he dies saving the life of a little boy, and Botan the Spirit World Ferrygirl arrives to inform him that he wasn't supposed to die! Oops. When he is taken to meet Koenma-sama - Prince of the Dead - he is informed that he can be brought back to life if he passes a series of trials. To make a long story short, because of the goodness of his heart he passes with flying colors, and all he needs is a fairytale kiss from his sweetheart, Keiko, and voila! He's back to life.

    This is but the beginning of young Yuusuke's adventures however, as he is called on by Koenma to be a Reikai Tantei or Spirit World detective. His job is to recover stolen artifacts from outlaw demons and enforce the barrier between the Makai and Ningenkai. Joining him is Kuwabara Kazuma, a past rival, and the culprits of his very first case, the demons Youko Kurama and Jaganeshi fire demon Hiei. And from here on in, it only gets even more interesting.

  • Yuusuke [You-skay]: Black hair, brown eyes/ Leader, delinquint, loyal, brave, kindhearted, loves kids, Rei-gun
    Kurama [Ku-ra-ma]: Red hair, green eyes (youko-silver hair, gold eyes)/ Rose whip, responsible, calm, experienced, aestheically pleasing
    Hiei [He-ay]: Black hair (white starburst), red eyes/ Tempermental, fire-weilder, Kokourhuya, cold
    Kuwabara [Koo-wah-har-ah]: Orange hair, eyes?/ Foolish, soft-hearted, cat-lover, psychic, Rei-ken

  • nc=non-canon*
    Yuusuke x Keiko
    <))Kurama x Hiei(nc)
    Kuwabara x Yukina

  • Gundam Wing
    Bandai and Sunrise

    "Peace is nothing but the aftermath of war."
    ~Heero Yuy


  • Gundam Wing is set in the far future, 195 after colonies have been established in space. The new world government, the Alliance, has seized control of these colonies, and rule with a tyrannical hand. And in actuality, the Romefeller Foundation, generator of mobile suites (humanoid fighting machines), manipulates the Alliance, as does likewise OZ, answerable only to the Romefeller Foundation. Obvious to special colonial factions, something needs to be done.

    Operation Meteor is arranged. Five young soldiers, Heero Yuy, from L1, Duo Maxwell, from L2, Trowa Barton, from L3, Quatre Raberba Winner, from L4, and Chang Wufei, from L5, are chosen to put down rule by the Alliance and liberate the space colonies. These five 15 year olds are part of a secret operation to defend the colonies of space using powerful war weapons of Gundanium called Gundams. Also in the picture are Treize and Zechs of the OZ, their opposition, and Relena Peacecraft, promoter of absolute pacifism, who is infatuated with the terrorist Heero Yuy. Gundam Wing is a series filled war, politics, conflicting ideals, and mecha.

  • Heero [Here-ro]: Brown hair (manga; green), blue eyes/ Cold, effecient, leader, dedicated, Wing, Japanese, L1
    <)) Duo [Doo-oh]: Golden-brown hair, violet eyes/ Playful, friendly, fun-loving, Shinigami, American, L2
    Trowa [Trow-ah]: Dark-brown hair, green eyes/ Quiet, brooding, stoic, Heavyarms, L3
    Quatre [Kwa-tray]: Blond hair, blue eyes/ Gentle, kind, peaceful, Sandrock, Arabian, L4
    Wufei [Woo-fay]: Black hair, black eyes/ Righteous, honorable, dedicated, Chinese, L5

  • nc=non-canon*
    Duo x Heero(nc)
    Trowa x Quatre(nc)

  • Bakuretsu Hunters
    Akahori Satoru and Omishi Rei

    "I feel like something's guiding me. Besides Mr. Happy, heh heh."
    ~Carrot Glaces


  • Bakuretsu Hunters, or Sorceror Hunters, takes place on the Spooner Continent, on a planet other than earth. It is about a team of justice fighters assembled by Big Mamu, the Head Priestess of the Stellar Church, to punish sorcerors who abuse the people and use the Mesapotanian, or forbidden magic.

    They are Carrot Glaces, a seemingly useless pervert who actually has one powerful trick up his sleeve, Marron, Carrot's younger brother and BH's resident bishounen ^_^, Gateau Mocha, the muscle of the group and a blond beefcake, Tira Misu, who transforms in battle to a whip-carrying dominatrix and who secretly loves Carrot, and Chocora Misu, Tira's older sister who openly loves Carrot and battles with a choke wire in a biker chick outfit. Together they have many dangerous missions, but still seem to keep the humor through it all.

  • Carrot [Care-rot]: Black hair, brown eyes/ Lecher, energetic, brave, kind-hearted, Xanthropy
    Marron [Mare-ron]: Black hair, golden eyes/ Calm, magic-user, white robes, responsible, ofuda
    Gateau [Gah-toe]: Blond hair, blue eyes/ Brawn, flex, Carrot=ano baka, not-dumb
    <)) Tira [Tere-ah]: Pink hair, blue eyes/ Red cloak, healer, dominatrix, subdue Xanthropy, loves Carrot, mallet
    Chocolate [Chah-co-lit]: Red hair, blue eyes/ Biker chick outfit, subdue Xanthropy, loves Carrot, very foreward

  • nc=non-canon*
    Gateau x Marron

  • Ranma 1/2
    Rumiko Takahashi

    "Water! Why does it always have to be water?!"
    ~Ranma Saotome


    (Since R 1/2 is so character oriented, the summary is also the character guide)

  • Ranma 1/2 is the adventures of a young martial artist named Ranma Saotome. Thanks to his irresponsible father he has fallen into one of the cursed springs of Jusenkyou "Pools of Sorrow". Whenever he is splashed by cold water he turns into a girl, but hot water turns him back. It only adds to his troubles when he discovers he is engaged to the female martial artists:

    1)Akane Tendou, for the purpose of carrying on the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts (blue-black hair, brown eyes)
    2)Ukyou Kounji, as was promised when Ranma's father dishonorably stole her dowry (brown hair, brown eyes)
    3)Shampoo, because Ranma defeated her, as stated by Amazon law (purple hair, maroon eyes)
    4)Kodachi Kunou, or so she claims. (black hair, black eyes)

    To add to all this, numerous other martial artists are out for his blood:

    <)) 1)Ryouga Hibiki, beacause Ranma "skipped out" on a man-to-man fight and was responsible for Ryouga's curse (black hair, brown eyes)
    2)Mousse, because the only way he can win Shampoos hand is to defeat Ranma (black hair, blue eyes)
    3)Kunou Tatewaki, because he's in love with Akane and Ranma's girl half and thinks Ranma is keeping them from him!(brown hair, blue eyes)

    What's a teenage martial artist to do?

  • nc=non-canon*
    Ranma x Ryouga(nc)

  • * - The non-canon pairings are IMO


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